iDevice Manager : Transfer Files Between PC and iPhone

While Mac users find it very easy to connect their iPhone to their Macs and transfer all the files back and forth, the Windows users have to use some special software. iDevice Manager is one of such software that can make it very easy to transfer files between your Windows PC and your iPhone, iPod or iPad. For it to work, all you need is a working USB cable that can be connected between the iPhone and your Windows PC. It is always better to use the original Apple USB data cable for a faster performance.

iDevice Manaeger was previously known as iPhone Explorer but now it supports all kinds of devices running iOS operating system. After launching this software on Windows, we have to connect the iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) to the Windows PC using a USB cable. You can find a compatible USB cable for your iPhone over at Amazon. There are all sorts of cables available including the ones that work on all iPhone models.

iDevice Manager

After making the physical connection using the USB cable, we will be shown the iPhone information on the PC screen. We will be able to see all the data such as the iOS version, serial number, build version, firmware, model number, camera, baseband and even the mobile number.

The program also offers direct access to photo, music and video folders. This also gives you access to the factory preset ringtones. Everything is available through a file manager like interface. We can copy the files back and forth between the iPhone storage and the computer hard drive.

Unlike some other software, it does not require iTunes to be installed on your PC for connecting to the iPhone. It works with all the iPhone models starting from iPhone 6. It supports iOS version 11 and above.

You can download iDevice Manager from