EaseUS CleanGenius Free : Clean and Optimize Windows

Like any other machine, a Windows PC also needs regular cleaning and maintenance. This is because after a few months of use, Windows PC gets clogged with junk files, bloatware, orphaned registry entries and more. All of these together can slow down your PC and can even make it unresponsive.

With its help of EaseUS CleanGenius Free, we can clean the PC and optimize it to improve its overall performance. This genius software brings order back on the Windows computer, unclutters it and also makes the operating system work blazing fast.

It comes with many features like cleaning the PC, privacy protection, system optimization, and application uninstaller. For cleaning the PC off junk files, we have to first start the scan which can find a number of useless and unnecessary junk files.

EaseUS CleanGenius Free

In the privacy protection section, we can scan for any items that could lead to user’s privacy related data. It can scan and remove Windows log files, recently opened programs, printer history records, Windows jump lists etc. It can also clean web browser history, cookies, download history and cache.

In the system optimization section, we can make it speedup the system by disabling unnecessary programs from being auto-started. We can control how Windows downloads and installs new updates. We can enable write protection for removable drives so as to avoid accidental deletion of files.

EaseUS CleanGenius Free

In the application section, we can see how many programs have been installed on our Windows PC. For each of the programs, it shows the date of installation, publisher name, size on the disk etc. If there is a program that you do not really use as often but it is taking up too much space then you can uninstall it from here.

EaseUS CleanGenius Free offers a modern and clean user interface. It has all the tools that can speed up, clean and optimize any Windows PC. It supports the latest version of Windows 11.

You can download EaseUS CleanGenius Free from https://www.easeus.com/cleangenius/.