chapterEditor : Edit Chapters and Convert Formats Easily

Large videos such as DVD movies often contain many chapters. These chapters are various sections of the long video and we can quickly jump from one chapter to another. This helps the viewer watch the movie quickly from a particular scene.

On a DVD player, if you press the skip to next button then it skips to the next chapter on the movie. Similarly you can go back to a previous chapter. If you open a DVD with chapters on VLC Media Player, then you can manually select the chapter from the “Playback” menu.

If you want to edit these chapters present on a DVD video, Blu-Ray movie or a Matroska video then you can use the chapterEditor. It is a free software for editing the chapters found in various media files. In addition to editing the chapters, it can also convert DVD or Blu-Ray discs to MKV video format.


So basically, you can load your DVD movie into the DVD drive of your computer and then use chapterEditor to load the DVD movie. You can modify the chapters and then export the the resulting movie to another folder.

It has dedicated chapter editors for different file formats. For example, it comes with separate chapter editors for Matroska movies, OGG/OGM videos, multiAVCHD videos etc. Each of these editors have a different set of functions which are slightly different from the other editors.

It has a database feature in which you can create password protected database of chapters. This database contains chapter details for various DVD or Blu-ray movies. You can extract the chapter information from a DVD or Blu-ray movie and store it in this database for later reference.

chapterEditor is a very useful tool for the people who want to correct chapter related information in a movie. It also allows you to create chapters from scratch, add new chapters or re-arrange the chapters.

You can download chapterEditor from