Remove Echo When Recording Sound with Tenacity

Tenacity is a fork of the well known sound recording software Audacity. When Audacity started to bundle some bloatware with it, the need of this fork was felt necessary. Now Tenacity has become very popular sound recording and audio editing application. Tenacity is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD.

When using Tenacity for the very first time on Windows, many user face the problem of echo during the recording of something. This is because it has a default setting of software playback of whatever is being recorded. This makes setting Tenacity play the sound as it is being recorded. While it is good idea for recording through microphone at a studio, it makes a problem when recording the sound from the PC itself.

When this happens, you are going to hear an echo of the sound that is being recorded. If the source (like microphone) is near the speakers of your PC, then it will create a nested echo sound that sounds very very awful. Fortunately, we can easily take care of this problem.

Here is how we can avoid the echo or the sound playback along with the source audio when recording something using Tenacity:

  1. Launch Tenacity and then click on Edit in the menubar.
  2. From the menubar select Edit and then Preferences.Prevent Tenacity from echoing while recording
  3. In the preferences window, select Recording section from the left side menu.
  4. On the right-side, uncheck the checkboxes labeled Play other tracks while recording and Software playthrough of input.Prevent Tenacity from echoing while recording
  5. Click on the OK button when done.

So this is the way, you can record any sound whether through the line in, through the sound mixer or through the microphone. But both Audacity and Tenacity do not support recording through wireless devices such as Bluetooth headphones (with inbuilt microphone of course). This is because of the way audio stream data is routed through the Bluetooth device drivers.