Diaro : Classic Diary App for Android and iOS

Before the computers and smartphones became very popular, writing diaries regularly was a great interesting hobby for many of us. People would take some time out at night just for writing down their thoughts about that day. We used to write what happened that day and reflected upon all these things. One benefit of writing diary is that you can vent your anger, frustration and other emotions into your diary before going to sleep. And of course, you can always look back in time to find out what you were doing or thinking on a particular day in the past.

Now there are many apps available that function exactly like a traditional diary. For example, there is Diaro which is a small app for Android and iOS. It functions very close to a classic diary. The app is available free of charge for Android as well as for iOS. Using this app you can write down memories digitally. Whether you are writing a small note or a lengthy diary entry, you can write it all down using Diaro.

DIaro App

Diaro has a very large number of functions ready for you to write diary entries that are as detailed as possible. In addition to writing down diary in the text format, you can also add photos, locations, tags, weather and timestamps and your mood to your entries.

If you do not like to type too much, then it comes with a “Dictate” feature. You can simply use this function and dictate your notes to Diaro. You can also draw into the notes, for example, a rough direction map for the hidden treasure. It also comes with many templates that can be used to make your notes orderly and pretty.

You can get the Diary app from Google Play store, Apple app store or from https://diaroapp.com/.