Scanguard : Lightweight Antivirus for Windows PC

For the past many years, some of the big names in the antivirus industry have started to focus on creating security software that is not too much taxing on the system resources. In other words, now more and more antivirus vendors are producing software that does not take consume all of the system resources. Kaspersky is one of these industry leaders that produces lightweight antivirus.

Another less known antivirus that uses very fast malware scanning engine is Scanguard. They offer products that consume very small memory and processor while providing real-time protection against malware. In the freeware version of  Scanguard, the real-time scanning is not available but we can manually scan any storage device for malicious programs.

The user interface of Scanguard is very modern and smoothly designed. We can access all the different modules provided by the software. We can check the status of Scanguard from its dashboard. We can enable Web-shield which protects against malicious sites. We can check whether our data was included in the latest data breach. We can also enable VPN but it is available in the paid version only.


In addition to the protection against the malware, it also comes with some of the highly useful system tuneup tools. these tools include junk cleaner, duplicate file finder, application uninstaller, startup manager, browser cleanup, and a password manager.

Scanguard comes with a game mode. This is highly desirable feature for the PC gamers. Using the game mode we can reduce the use of the system resources by this antivirus as well as by other background processes. By freeing up the resources, you can play the game smoothly as it will have more PC resources available for it. After you quit/end the game, the system status is restored back to the normal mode.


Scanguard uses a popular antivirus engine from Avira which is a powerful antivirus engine. Using Scanguard will give you optimal protection against most of the malware and other online threats. But the real-time protection is not available in the free version which might cause problems when defending against online threats.

You can download Scanguard from