Ludusavi : Backup and Restore PC Save Game Data

Thanks to the generous game giveaways from Epic Games store every week, all the PC gamers in the world have tons of games installed on the their gaming computers. In additions, there are many new games available at huge discounts. I personally have five games installed on my moderate level MSI gaming PC.

Sometimes when you want to try a new game, you have to free up some space on the SSD by uninstalling the older games. This might end up in removing the game save data too. With the help of an open source tool called Ludusavi , we can backup the game save data of thousands of PC games.

Ludusavi is a free game save backup tool. It supports more than 10,000 PC games and you can also add your custom entries. The program is written in Rust and is available on all platforms – Windows, macOS and Linux.

For finding the support of the PC games and determine where the game save data is stored for a particular PC game, it uses a manifest file. Ludusavi checks for the new version of this file and automatically downloads it from the internet so that the users always have support for latest games.


After launching Ludusavi, we can switch to the Backup Mode and then simply click on the Backup button. It will automatically scan your system for the game save data and display a list of the games detected. The backup data is saved in a single folder which is usually stored in the user profile folder. During the backup it can save both the files and registry entries depending on the game titles.

Restoring works in the similar manner. For restoring the game data, first you have to select the game title from the Backup Mode an then you can go to the Restore Mode tab. Here you can just click on the Restore button and it will do the rest.

All in all, it is a very useful tool for all the PC gamers in the world. It is portable and can save data from 10,000+ games in just seconds. It even works with the games installed through Steam.

You can download Ludusavi from