Easy Access to Bing Chat with Bing Chat for All Browsers

The advent of AI in full swing last year has finally changed the way we search for things online. Before the AI assisted searches, we used to just type in the keyword and the search engine presented the results. And if you were not getting good results, you had to use a combination of new keywords. But now AI has changed everything. For example, Bing now offers Bing Chat which is a bot powered by AI.

We can chat with Bing Chat AI bot as if we are chatting with a human. For example, we can ask Bing Chat AI questions like, “Where can I find the bookshop in this city?” and it will show you the results. You can continue the conversation with the AI bot further for more refined results.

Now with the help of an extension “Bing Chat for All Browsers”, you can add Bing Chat AI bot shortcut to the toolbar. This extension supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. In the case of Microsoft Bing browser, the browser natively supports the Bing Chat AI.

Bing Chat for All Browsers

After the installation of this extension, you will see the Bing Chat icon in the browser toolbar. When we click on this icon, it opens a new tab with URL https://bing.com/chat. This way you can instantly open the Bing Chat webpage instead of manually typing the Bing Chat URL in the browser address bar.

Bing Chat for All Browsers

For using the Bing Chat, you have to login to your Microsoft user account in your web browser. If your Microsoft account has been given full access to Bing Chat only then you will be able to use Bing Chat. This extension does not do anything else than taking you to the Bing Chat URL. If you do not want to use this extension, then you can simply bookmark the Bing Chat URL “https://bing.com/chat”.

You can get the “Bing Chat for All Browsers” extension from https://github.com/anaclumos/bing-chat-for-all-browsers.