Control Automatic Updates on Windows 11 with Wu10Man

Every now and then, we read the news that the Windows automatic updates of a month have caused problems on the Windows PC of a certain manufacturer. This is why I personally pause the Windows 11 updates for a 2-3 weeks before allowing the automatic updates to download and install. If something bad happens, it will happen in the first week of the month and make it to the news – in which case, I would disable the automatic updates for 1 month.

For being able to control the automatic updates, we can use an open-source tool called Wu10Man. This tool gives features not possible through the Windows settings app. In Wu10Man, we have many tabs, but two of these tabs control the automatic updates on Windows 10 and 11.

In order to stop the automatic updates, first of all we have to switch to the “Windows Services” tab and then click on the “Disable All Services” button. Then we switch to the “Pause Updates” tab and then  choose a future date until which the updates are to be paused. Both of these features work independent of each other. You can use both of them or one of them – either of them should be able to pause the automatic updates on Windows 11.


In order to enable the automatic updates once again, we have to do exactly the opposite. We have to click on the “Enable All Services” in the  “Windows Services” tab. Then we have to clear the pausing of the updates under the “Pause Updates” tab.


Wu10Man does not permanently stop the updates. After a while Windows will resume the updates by fixing the Windows services and restarting the paused updates. This tool can only help when you want to stop the automatic updates for a shorter period of time.

You can download Wu10Man from