How to Remove Edge Browser from Windows 10/11

Microsoft has released many web browsers for the Windows users over past decades. But Microsoft has had very bad luck with these browsers. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer was a browser that all experts advised to stay away from. Then they developed another one – Edge browser which was soon discontinued. Now they have Microsoft Edge browser using the Chromium code base.

While the new Edge browser is indeed very fast due to the Chromium project, users are asking themselves why not use Google Chrome itself which has a much better reputation and a larger number of extensions. Once Chrome is installed, many users are even tempted to remove the Edge browser.

If you also want to remove Edge browser from Windows, then you can an open-source tool called Remove Edge. This software removes Microsoft Edge browser completely from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.

Before using this tool, you should make sure that you have already downloaded another web browser for your use. There are many web browsers available for Windows such as Google Chrome or Vivaldi.

Remove Edge

Remove Edge is available in two editions – command line version and the GUI version. The GUI version is  much easier to use. After launching it, you have to select whether you want to WebView. This component of Edge could be used by other applications so you might choose to keep it.

After making this selection, you can click on the Remove button. It will show the progress in its window. During this process, it removes the main Edge browser, the WebView component, the APPX files and related folders.

Remove Edge works really fast and removes Edge without having to restart the PC. If you want to reinstall Microsoft Edge web browser once again, then you can get Edge installer from

You can download Remove Edge from