Klogg : Fast Log Viewer for Windows, Linux and Mac

Klogg is a very fast log viewer for many platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. It originally started as a fork of the glogg log viewer but now it has evolved into much more on its own. Using this multi-platform GUI application we can easily browse and search through long and complex log files.

For the Windows platforms, it is available as a portable application. It is designed to load very large log files withing seconds. It is designed specially for the programmers and system administrators so they can easily search through the complicated code or logs. For the Linux users working on a Windows platform, it can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of grep, less, head and tail.

As Linux users will recall that grep command is used to search through a text file based on keywords or regular expressions. The less command shows the contents of a text file one-screen at a time. The head and tail commands display first or last few bytes of a text file being inspected. All these commands can be combined for powerful searches in Klogg log viewer.

Klogg Log Viewer

The user interface of Klogg is split into three parts. We can load a log file into Klogg in two ways – first using the command line parameter and another using then File menu. Once a log file is opened in Klogg, the contents of the log file are displayed in the upper section of the Klogg window.

In the lower section, we have a search box in which we can type in keywords or regular expressions which are used as filters. The filtered results are displayed in the third and the lowest section of the window.

All things considered, Klogg should be kept in the tool arsenal of all the system admins. It is very fast and smart log viewer that can load all kinds of log files irrespective of their file sizes.

You can download Klogg from https://github.com/variar/klogg.