NetGuard for Android : Block Internet Access for Apps

So many times you want to go offline only for one or two apps on Android. For example, if someone is pestering you on WhatsApp, then you wish that you could disable internet access for only WhatsApp. No such setting is available within Android or through the WhatsApp, but now we can use NetGuard to do the same.

With the help of NetGuard, we can block the internet access for any of the installed apps. Internet access is blocked only for that app while you can use other apps like usual. This way you can hide yourself from nosy aunts who want to track your every step. This also helps us save the mobile data, improves the battery life and user privacy.

The user interface of NetGuard is very intuitively designed. We can see a list of all the apps installed on the Android device. We can then tap on the app that we want to block internet access for. For this app, we can set conditions like allow or block WiFi access, allow or block mobile data access, allow or block data access when the phone is in the roaming network state and more.

NetGuard for Android

All these conditions can be instantly applied or removed through the NetGuard interface. In addition, it also shows when the app tried to access the internet, which internet address it tried to access, and which remote port it tried to connect to. All the blocking happens in the background and the users are not pestered with any messages.

Blocking individual apps from accessing the internet can bring several advantages. It helps you go offline from social networking apps, it helps you preserve a longer battery life and it can also boost user privacy as the apps are not always online.

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