How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

While Facebook Messenger is very useful app to have on your smartphone, it can quickly become annoying if unwanted people keep sending you undesired messages. Just imagine someone who bullied you in the high school starts to send you messages over the Facebook Messenger about having a cup of coffee with them.

In these situations, the first thing I always do is just block these people on Facebook. This makes them instantly disappear from your Facebook timeline. They cannot contact you and they cannot even see your Facebook profile.

Here is how you can block someone bothering you on Facebook Messenger app:

  1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone and find the person that you wish to block.
  2. Long tap on that person’s profile picture and then select Block from the list of options displayed.Block someone from Facebook Messenger
  3. It will show you two different kinds of blocking – block on Facebook, or block only messages or calls. In the second case, it will block that person from sending you messages and calling you. In the first case, it will completely block that person over Facebook.
  4. When you choose one of these options, you are asked for further confirmation. You have to again tap on the Block button to proceed.Block someone from Facebook Messenger
  5. You can repeat these same steps for everyone that you wish to block on messenger.

If you decided to block a person over the Facebook, they will be completely blocked out from Facebook for you. This type of blocking should be used for trolls or unwanted people who are harassing you. But if you want to block a coworker who is sending you unwanted messages then you should block their messages and calls only. For example, if a conspiracy theory loving person keeps sending you unsolicited messages, pictures or reports then you can use the second method of blocking.