Lucion FileCenter : Document Management Software

Lucion FileCenter is a powerful  but affordable document management software for offices. It is a full-featured program that can manage all types of files on your computer. Using this single software we can carry out all the tasks related to office files from a single unified interface.  Not only we can do the basic tasks using this software such as view, scan, organize, modify or archive various documents, but we can also easily search and convert data to the many file formats.

It also includes OCR (optical character recognition), advanced search features, and integration with Sharepoint and cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.

Lucion FileCenter program has an easy-to-use convenient file manager, with which we manage all data on the local storage drives and external portable devices such as external USB hard drives or SD memory cards. It groups files into individual collections that store the necessary information about photos, movies, music or PDF documents. There is no complicated databases used for managing the files, everything is arranged in folders.

Lucion FileCenter

Lucion FileCenter  comes with all the PDF features one would desire. Whether you want to create PDF files or edit an existing PDF file, it allows you to do everything. You can conveniently scan documents directly into PDF files and name them according to their contents. You can split and combine PDF files or their parts. It also has the ability to send e-mails using an e-mail client. The built-in OCR module for text recognition can produce text data from scanned documents.

Lucion FileCenter  is designed for offices where employees have to handle a large number of documents on a regular basis. For example, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, medical clinics, warehouses, schools, taxation helpers and more. It can make things easier and cleaner for all the offices with a high volume of paperwork.

You can download Lucion FileCenter  from