Be More Productive with PowerPom Pomodoro Timer

There was a student in Italy of 1980’s who used a kitchen timer to break all of his tasks into smaller much easier tasks. For example, if he had to write a report in one hour, he would break the whole task into 20 minute long smaller tasks. He used a common tomato shaped kitchen timer available at that time and hence this technique is known as the tomato timer or pomodoro timer because pomodoro is Italian word for tomato.

Today we have software and apps that use the same pomodoro timer method to help usbreak down a large task into smaller easier to finish tasks. When we try to finish a very large and very long task, we get tired even thinking about it. But when we have to finish smaller and short tasks, we happily do it without complaining.

If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user then you can use a free Pomodoro Timer called PowerPom. It allows you to achieve higher productivity by using the Pomodoro technique. In the Pomodoro technique followed by this timer app, they divide all tasks into 25 minute long smaller tasks with five minutes break between each of these smaller  tasks.

PowerPom - Pomodoro Timer

First of all we have to choose the task, then we set the work time on PowerPom timer from clock face. Afetr setting the duration of short and long breaks, we can set the duration of the work intervals. After setting up the timer, we can start the timer. Now we have to just focus on the task. It will inform us when it is the break time.

The user interface is very well designed and makes use of very cute graphics. It has a tomato timer graphic in the app with the purple background.

You can get the PowerPom Pomodoro Timer from