EaseUS AppMove : Transfer Installed Apps Across Drives

These days most of the desktop and laptop computers come with only one small SSD preinstalled with Windows along with many of the commonly used apps. While just one small sized SSD is sufficient for many users, it limits the advanced users as they won’t be able to experiment with full backups or Linux. On some laptops, we can easily installed a secondary SSD as well. So if you decide to install another drive for programs and backups, you may want to move installed apps from the C: drive to the D: drive located on the new large sized SSD.

EaseUS AppMove can help us move our installed apps from one partition to another without losing any links. It is a really useful application for managing and transferring applications between disk partitions for better operating system performance.

EaseUS AppMove will allow us to move some applications from the system drive to another drive. This means that more space will be free on the system partition which results in a much better computer performance. More free space on the system partition also allows for installation of something more frequently used.

EaseUS AppMove

It can attempt to movie some applications but it give full support for only a number of software. It supports successful migration of Apple applications, Zoom, Spotify, AutoCAD, Dropbox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneDrive, McAfee, Office 365, Youtube, Twitter, Netflix, and more.

In addition, to migrating these apps from one drive to another, we can also clean unnecessary system files and get rid of useless data taking up too much space on the system partition. We can also uninstall applications and even repair damaged processes.

It is really useful when moving large installation of Windows PC games from the C: drive to the secondary solid state drive. The free version has limited functionality. We can transfer up to 5 of any programs to another disk free of charge and we will clean the disk of files with a maximum size of 2GB.

You can download EaseUS AppMove from https://www.easeus.com/pc-transfer-software/app-move.html.