Bitraser File Eraser : Securely Erase Private Data & Traces

Everyone knows that simply deleting files from a hard disk drive does not really get rid of all the sensitive data stored on those files. With the help of a number of tools such as Recuva, we can easily find and recover the deleted files. This is why it is essential to use secure deletion tools in order to permanently delete any sensitive data from the hard disk drives. A professional secure file eraser tool such as Bitraser File Eraser can securely erase your files, folders, private data, and user traces.

Bitraser File Eraser offers four main features – erasing of traces, erasing of already deleted data, erasing of existing files or folders, and scheduling automatic file erasing. All of these features use secure file erasing methods which includes overwriting the data with zeroes or using the popular Gutmann method of the overwriting.

When we choose to erase the traces, it scans the internet traces created by various web browsers, system traces created by the operating system, application traces created by various apps run by the user, and other traces left behind after regular computer usage. All of these traces are securely erased.

Bitraser File Eraser

There is a feature using which we can scan the free space to find any deleted files and overwrite them. This way we can securely erase even the files that have been already deleted before. Such files have been deleted before using the ordinary methods such as deleting them through the File Explorer.

If you have a particular number of files that you wish to erase then you can do so through the “Erase File & Folders” section. We can drag-n-drop any file or folders and click on the  “Erase Now” button to quickly get rid of these files instantly.

Bitraser File Eraser

Apart from these, you can also schedule erasing of the privacy related data. This way, we can use Bitraser File Eraser to automatically scan our system for traces and secure erase them if found.

Bitraser File Eraser is a very useful secure file deletion tool. It can scan for the privacy related data or usage history and securely erase all of it. But it is not free and there is no trial version available either.

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