Convert Video File Formats with TopWin Video Converter

Everyone has become a YouTuber these days with the help of a smartphone camera. But many of the YouTubers do not seem to edit their videos or add any effects before uploading them. Another useful thing to do before uploading them to YouTube is to compress the videos and convert them to the MP4 format. This ensures quick uploading and better quality when watched on YouTube.

For all kinds of video file format conversion, we can use TopWin Video Converter. It is an all-in-one video file conversion software for Windows. Using this one software, we can convert more than 1000 video file formats into other more common video file formats. It features harnessing the power of the GPU for no-loss conversions and 30 times faster conversion of the video formats.

It comes with many different types of presets which allow quick output video file format selection. For example, we can select output formats from popular devices like Apple iPhone, Android Phones, Digital Cameras, etc. We can also choose the output formats based on the file types such as MP4, MKV etc.

Win Video Converter

TopWin Video Converter can use the graphics card of the computer. Using the processing power of the GPU, it can make the conversion speed  much faster than the older versions of the software. According to the developer it is 30 times more than before. In addition it prevents any loss of the video loss quality during the conversion. Loss of video quality is totally undesirable when it comes to the high resolution videos like 1080p, 2k and 4k HD videos.

The TopWin Video Converter software comes with many editing tools wich are essential in today’s time. It comes with some basic video editing tools such as cut, crop, adding of the text, adding subtitles, adding video effects and more.

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