Character.AI : Chat with AI Models of Famous Characters

In the past we posted about how ChatGPT can be used to carry out a conversation between two famous characters from history or from works of fiction such as books or movies. We tried ChatGPT to make conversations between a famous comedian of the past – Jack Benny and Joey from the Friends sitcom.

Now someone has setup a website and an app that revolves around the same idea and makes use of the ChatGPT technology. This new site called Character.AI uses artificial intelligence to imitate famous or self-created characters and allows the users to chat with them. It uses ChatGPT’s technology which means that it has a lot of information about those characters.

You can visit Character.AI in your web browser or you can use their mobile app. In both cases, you will see the same user interface. You can find an exciting way to chat with fictional or famous people. You can chat with Socrates (the famous philosopher from the ancient Greece), you can chat with Elon Musk (the man who bought Twitter), and many more. These are some of the characters already created by other users. But you can create your own character if desired and make it publicly available.


It is a great way to kill time but you will get the same information as you would get from OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. This is because these AI bots all use the same information which is available publicly. The only difference is how they present that information and how they interact with the user.

You can converse with these AI bots for free but in order to be able to conduct and save longer conversations, you must create an account which is also free.

You can visit in order to chat with AI characters or create your own AI characters.