WinIcon Extractor : Extract Icons from EXE, DLL, ICO and ICL

All Windows programs come with icons embedded inside them as resources. With the help of a resource extractor tool such as WinIcon Extractor, we can extract these icons from all the files that might contain them. It is able to extract icons from all sorts of files. These files include icon files (ICO), dynamic link libraries (DLL), binary program files (EXE) and the icon libraries (ICL).

The user interface of WinIcon Extractor is designed to facilitate very quick extraction of the icons. On the top of the window, you can choose to extract the icons from the Windows libraries. As you click on the drop-down list, you can select from any of the Windows applications usually found in the Windows system folder such as shell32.dll.

Similarly, you can choose to load a custom file by clicking on Load Icon from File button in the toolbar. This will prompt you to choose the ICO or other types of files. As soon as you select the file, it is loaded in the WinIcon Extractor window. You can select the icon which you want to extract and then click on the Export the icon button.

WinIcon Extractor

The selected icons can be exported in in two formats – PNG and ICO. The PNG icons are useful when designing a web interface or when using HTML layer as the GUI for a Windows application. The ICO files can further be modified or used in other applications. The extracted icons  can be  in any resolution starting from 16×16 pixels.

WinIcon Extractor is a very useful and easy-to-use application that allows users to extract icons from any file that contains these icons in the resource format such as EXE, DLL or ICO/ICL. It exports the selected icons in high quality PNG or ICO formats.

You can download  WinIcon Extractor from