DuckDuckGo Browser for Windows Offers Privacy & Anonymity

Yet another web browser is now available for the Windows users. It is a web browser made by DuckDuckGo, the search engine known for its privacy and anonymity related features. It is said that if you search something on DuckDuckGo, then it will not track your online activity through these searches.

The new web browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, is going to offer the same level of privacy and anonymity in the web browser. It is an innovative web browser that brings the same principles of complete privacy when searching and browsing the web.

Unlike all the top web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi and Google Chrome, this new web browser is not available in form of a standalone installation package. But you have to install it either from the Microsoft App Store for Windows 10 and 11, or you can download the appinstaller bundle which further downloads more files for installation.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

As expected, the DuckDuckGo browser finds and blocks trackers when visiting a website. It prevents the user’s online history to be tracked. It also blocks annoying cookie consent pop-ups that have been forced by the European Union’s new law (GDPR). However these cookie consent pop-ups are displayed for everyone – even the ones who are not residing in the EU.

The new web browser comes with a new video player called the Duck Player. This dedicated video player helps you enjoy your TV shows, movies, music videos and live-streams without any interference or distraction. Now you do not have to worry about the annoying reminders that appear when you are enjoying Netflix.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

It comes with a special button called the Fire button. As anyone can guess, when you can click on this Fire button, it incinerates all of your recent browsing data. You can add sites for which this button won’t work.

The DuckDuckGo web browser can hide your actual email address by offering you a temporary email address on the domain. When you use this email address, the messages are redirected to your actual email address. This is a great feature for staying anonymous when sending or receiving emails.

You can download DuckDuckGo Privacy web browser for Windows by visiting