Create Icons from Images using WinIcon Maker

Icons are small images that are used mainly by applications so we can visually identify the application. For example, the icon used by Windows Notepad makes us quickly select it from the list of many other applications in the Start menu of Windows. Icons are also used in the user interface of Windows applications, mobile apps and also websites.

We can either design icons from scratch using image editors like GIMP or we can use a free software called WinIcon Maker to convert any PNG or JPG image into a Windows icon file (ICO).

WinIcon Maker offers a wizard like interface which takes you from one step to another while guiding you through the whole process. The user interface design makes everything so easy that we do not even need any help or tutorial.

The very first thing that you would want to do is choose whether you want to create an ICO file or a PNG file. Then you can begin by dropping the PNG or JPG image on the WinIcon Maker window. You can choose the canvas size from 256×256, 512×512 and 1024×1024 pixels. You can drag and move the image to fit the canvas.

WinIcon Maker

After this you can choose from many of the options provided by WinIcon Maker. You can choose the shape of the icon (rectangle, rectangle with round corners, or a circle). You can choose a background, a border and make the icon look glossy. You can also add a badge (such as FREE) over the original image.

Under the selected object, we can choose the x and y coordinates of the image on the canvas, you can choose the size percentage that appears in the icon, and you can also choose a rotation angle in the window. As soon as you choose these options, a preview is displayed in the WinIcon Maker window. Finally, you can click on the “Go” button to generate the icon and save the file on your computer.

WinIcon Maker makes it very easy to create Windows icons or PNG icons in a few seconds. It offers many advanced options for creation of the icons.

You can download WinIcon Maker from