Rohos Logon Key Free : Sign in to Windows Using Pendrive

Many of the new laptop models are coming with a fingerprint sensor which is used to signing in to Windows user account. Instead of entering the username and password each time you login to Windows, you can just touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger and you are signed in to your Windows account. The whole thing happens in a flash. Similarly, the Windows Hello feature offers biometric methods of signing in using your face but for this you need a high quality webcam attached to your Windows PC.

If you have an older PC, then your laptop might not have these features. But you can configure any USB pendrive for quick logging in to your Windows account through a free software called Rohos Logon Key Free.

Rohos Logon Key Free

Rohos Logon Key Free can transform any USB pendrive into a logging in key. It creates a hidden folder _rohos in the USB pendrive inside which is the encrypted key file. This key file is named roh.roh and is encrypted with AES 256-bit. USB Key copy protection does not allow to create unauthorized key duplicates.

Rohos Logon Key Free

We start by launching Rohos Logon Key Free and clicking on the “Setup Authentication Key” button. After you have selected a USB pendrive, you can click on the “Setup Key” button. You can optionally choose to enter the user account password too.

Rohos Logon Key Free

After successful creation of the authentication key, you can use it for logging in to Windows on the logon screen. You can also use it to unlock the Windows screen. You can try it by quickly logging out and then trying to login again.

Rohos Logon Key Free

If your authentication key USB pendrive is plugged in, then you will see a new option – Rohos Login by the key. As you click on this option, it will quickly login into your Windows user account.

You can download Rohos Logon Key Free from

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