Recover Deleted Files with iCare Data Recovery Free

iCare Data Recovery Free is a completely free data recovery software for Windows. It is available in two versions – installable and portable. The portable version of this software is ideal for all situations as we can run it from a portable USB pen drive. The portable version is only 6 MB in size which again makes it very useful for working in situations where it musts be run from an external portable drive.

iCare Data Recovery Free works on Windows 7 and newer versions. It can recover data on all types of file systems including NTFS and FAT. It offers three types of data recovery:

Deleted File Recovery: In this recovery mode, it scans your partitions for any deleted files. It runs multiple scans and builds the directory tree. When the search results are displayed, you can choose which files you want to recover and copy to which of the drives.

iCare Data Recovery Free

Deep Scan Recovery: In this recovery mode, it does a much thorough scan of the selected drives. This deep scanning takes a very long time but is able to find and recover many more files than the deleted file recovery mode. We can recover files even after a partition was formatted, formatted with a new file system type and partition has been accidentally deleted.

RAW/ or Deleted Partition recovery: Sometimes, when making changes to the partition scheme, we end up deleting a partition from the drive. iCare Data Recovery Free can recover files even from such drives.

The user interface of iCare Data Recovery is identical in all these three modes. There are different uses and options for each of these recovery modes. The wizard like interface also ensures that we have all the information before we begin scanning our hard disk drives for any deleted files.

You can download iCare Data Recovery Free from