Norton Secure Browser : Safe and Private Browser for Windows

In these days we encounter so many online threats and this is why we need protection from malware on our Windows PC. While installing a good antivirus software and keeping Windows automatic updates enabled are the basic steps towards protecting your system, a good secure web browser is also very much needed.

A secure web browser is a special browser that allows you to browse the web in peace and privacy while protecting you from all kinds of online threats. Norton Secure Browser is a very good secure browser from the well-known security company Symantec. It is based on the Chrome browser and packs many features for the protection of the user privacy and from all kinds of online threats.

Norton Secure Browser contains many modules for the protection of the user such as privacy guard, web shield, private mode,  password managers, extension guard and privacy cleaner. The Privacy Guard enhances your online privacy and safe guards your online identity. You can control the level of privacy needed and change protection level from basic ads and trackers.

Norton Secure Browser

The Web Shield offers online safety from all types of malware, from phishing, from adware, and from more sophisticated spyware hidden in the URLs, websites images and downloads. It also prevents you from downloading potentially malicious content from the internet. If you download a malicious file, it blocks the download.

The Extension Guard prevents any suspicious or untrusted extensions from being installed in the web browser. The Privacy Cleaner cleans your browsing history and other data stored in the web browser, such as cached images and cookies.

Norton Secure Browser

Norton Secure Browser is very good for safely performing various financial operations – for example, shopping online or netbanking. If you somehow end up on a phishing site instead of the real bank website, it will stop the phishing site before it can harm you in anyway.

You can download Norton Secure Browser from

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  1. If ‘Norton’ – of all companies – is that good, then why is their ‘Norton Secure Browser’ unable to let you lock its very open password manager. After all, Norton will be the first to advise us all not to keep passwords in our browser’s own password manager – yet here I am on their browser with imported passwords which anyone can use by simply opening the Norton Browser.

    As I’ve said to Symantec many times: get off you greedy frenzy of extortionate fees for umpteen accessory software upgrades – many not required – and return to concentrating on protection of devices.

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