Generate All Types of QR Codes with QR Code Maker

QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that have become very popular in the last decades. It is short for quick response code which might contain data that can be read using a QR code reader app. These codes are found everywhere like magazines, newspapers, advertisements, restaurants, ID cards and more. When they were making vaccination certificates during the Covid-19 pandemic, those certificates also contained QR codes.

If you also want to create your very own QR code, then you can use QR Code Maker. It is a free application for Windows that works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

QR Code Maker has a user interface in which we can create all sorts of QR codes. The very first thing that we have to select is the type of the QR code that we want. We can select from text, link, email, WhatsApp number, SMS, Call and Wi-Fi. After making this selection, we can enter the data in the specified text box.

QR Code Maker

As you are entering the data for the QR code, a preview of the QR code is displayed on the right side in the QR Code Maker window. For the QR code, we can choose the width and height of the image, the color used to create the code, margins between the boundary and the code etc.

After this, all you have to do is click on the Save Image button and save the image to your computer. There are options for image types that can be saved. We can save the QR code in PNG, JPG and WEBP formats.

All things considered, QR Code Maker is the easiest QR code generator application for Windows. It also allows customizing how the QR code appears in the image saved.

You can download QR Code Maker from