Improve the Digital Photos with Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

After snapping photos using your digital camera or from your smartphone camera, the next obvious thing to do is to edit the digital photos. These photos can be edited using Ashampoo Photo Optimizer which is available for Windows for free. It also has a paid version which offers many more features than the free version.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is a photo editor for Windows with a user interface that makes for quick and easy photo editing. It has a feature called Auto Optimize which can be used for instantly improving the quality of your digital photos. This special function can automatically optimize your photos and automatically adjust the correct sharpness, saturation, exposure, or contrast. Depending on the resolution of the photos, this process takes only a very little time or might take a long time.

When we use the auto-optimization feature, it uses a special algorithm that detects all the possible problems  with the loaded photo. For example, it might find out that the photo does not have enough brightness and too much saturation. This process does not require any user intervention and is carried out fully automatically. This is very helpful for the beginners who do not know about manual editing of the photos.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer has many manual functions such as rotating the photo, free hand rotation, mirroring of the photo, crop the photo, resize the photo, watermark or adding the text. The editor also has many correction functions such as brightness correction, light curves, color adjustment, change perspective, straighten the horizon, crop the photo, sharpen the photo, adaptive sharpen the photo etc.

For the portrait photos, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is very useful as it comes with face imrovement functions. We can remove red eyes, whiten the teeth,  and remove pimple marks from your face.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is available for free but it limits many features only for the paid pro users.

You can download  Ashampoo Photo Optimizer from