MPad : Advanced Code and Text Editor for Windows

Many times we have to edit source code files quickly without depending on big and bulky development tools. For quick editing of source code files, we can use a freeware tool called MPad. It is an advanced code and text editor for quick editing of many different types of source code files. It supports a large number of programming languages such as ASP, Boo, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSON, JSP, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, VB.Net and more.

The code editor supports all types of DPI screens. We can use it on a multi-monitor system setup. It can use a different DPI for each of the monitors. It can also handle monitors with very high DPI.

MPad uses a themed window and the default theme used by it is Polar Dark. Other themes are available are Windows, Windows 10 Blue Whale, Windows 10 Charcoal, Windows 10 Clear Day, Windows 10 SlateGray, Windows 11 Light, Windows 11 Modern Dark, Windows 11 Polar Dark and Windows 11 Polar Light.

MPad Code Editor

It offers a feature called Column Mode. In the row mode, when you use the right-arrow key on your keyboard, the cursor drops to the next line (row) when the line ends. But in the column mode, we can edit the source code file without worrying about the newline characters. For the column mode, you have to use a mono-space font in order to keep a uniform column width.

MPad supports macros. We can record a macro which records the keyboard and mouse input for a specific period of time. The recorded macro can be played later when you want to repeat the same task. This feature is very useful when you have to do the same repetitive tasks everyday.

MPad is very lightweight portable source-code editor for Windows. According to the developer, MPad can be used to replace Windows Notepad.

You can download MPad from