FamiStudio : Freeware NES Music Editor for Windows

If you had a time machine and traveled back to 1990, you will find all the youngsters huddled around the arcade machines in malls, grocery stores and even in public streets. You will be able to tell which game they are playing by the sound coming from these machines.

Games available in late 80s and early 90s used 8-bit audio tracks. Most popular game of the era was Super Mario Brothers and Pacman. Even today you can tell about these games apart because of their unique sounds. If you have some of these game sounds and want to edit them then you can use FamiStudio.

FamiStudio is a music editor for Windows computers that is able to edit 8-bit music modeled on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Famicom productions.  It can also create new sound files from scratch. In this application, we will find a simple and very clear interface with useful functions for creating 8-bit music.

Before you are  able to run this application on your Windows PC, you should install Microsoft .NET Framework 5 on your PC. If you install a higher version of Microsoft .NET Framework (such as version 6 or version 7) then it won’t work. It works only with the version 5.


FamiStudio has a piano roll interface which allows for easy keying for the device. Using this method, you can add notes in the sequencer. In the sequencer, you can use mouse and keyboard to move around different notes. You can save the music sequence as files. The program supports saving the music produced in FMS files. FamiStudio also supports many 8-bit audio files when you are trying to open an audio file in it.

FamiStudio is a great tool everyone should have for quick creation and editing of old fashioned 8-bit audio files. It supports all editing the audio through  five different music channels. Editing the music is as simple as dragging the music line up and down.

You can download FamiStudio from https://famistudio.org/.