WinGhost : Simple Ghost Word Game for Windows

As we know Ghost is fun word game which is played along with a dictionary. In this game two or more players take turns in adding letters to form a word. The first player starts with a letter, the second player adds one more and so on. They keep adding letters until they come up with a meaningful word which can be found in a dictionary. Proper nouns are not allowed. The player who completes a word is the one who loses the game (unfair, isn’t it? but that’s what makes it fun). It can be thought of the opposite of the Hangman word game, in which you win if you complete the letter.

This game can be played using paper and pencil to write the letters, or you can use the letter tiles that come with some other word games. For the dictionary, you can use either the old school paperback or hard cover dictionary, or you can use the Merriam Webster English dictionary app on your Android phones. Of course, you can use any other English dictionary that you prefer.


But if you want to play it on your Windows PC, then you can just use WinGhost. It has everything including a dictionary. In WinGhost you are playing with the computer, so there can be only one human player. You and the computer will take turns trying to add letters without completing the word. You can add one letter only once, so you have only 13 attempts (the computer uses the other 13 attempts) trying to evade completing a word.

The game is fun but the computer is very smart and it beats you in 5-6 attempts only. However, the game could have been much more fun if it allowed a multi-player mode so more human can enjoy it at the same time.

You can download WinGhost from