PhotoSir : Smart and Fast Photo Editor Powered with AI

Now almost all of the image editors carry some sort of AI based elements. PhotoSir is no exception either. It is a very well designed, professional and feature rich image editor. The way its user interface and feature set has been designed, it can be said that it is a new generation photo editor for the young professionals.

PhotoSir comes well equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm and a battery of useful tools. These both work together to reduce your photo processing and editing time. Many professionals all over the world use PhotoSir instead of the popular Adobe Photoshop (which also now contains AI elements). It is indeed a worthy alternative to the Adobe Photoshop both in terms of features and the ease of use.

It includes typical image processing functions for office use, we can design graphics, cut photos, paint with AI artificial intelligence, create video and GIF animations, and crop it. According to the developer, it supports more than 90% of the functions available in Adobe Photoshop. In addition, it also supports file formats, color configurations and large files just like Photoshop.


What makes PhotoSir very powerful photo editor is the built-in artificial intelligence algorithm. This AI algorithm enables each user to create their own graphic design faster and easier. The software is compatible with PSD files and includes a range of materials and templates, over a hundred types of different brushes, which will allow you to create beautiful graphic visualizations. The AI functions are usually one-click AI functions.

The AI functions offered by PhotoSir include text to image conversion (you describe something and it draws), partial replacement of objects (such as replace a rabbit with a cat), and sketch to paint conversion (you draw a rough something with pencil and it finishes it into a complete painting).

You can download PhotoSir from