Arc Browser : New Web Browser for macOS and Windows

It is always a pleasant experience to see some new web browsers appear on the scene. Some of these new web browsers go on to become a real magnanimous force in the world of the browsers. But it is always fun to understand the underlying concepts and the aims set by the developers. There is a new web browser called Arc Browser which also comes with ideas of its own. For example, it claims to present itself like an operating system and not just like any other web browser.

Arc web browser, like many others these days, is based on the Chromium project. It also adds many many features of its own on top of the Chromium code base. Users of the popular Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers will find many things similar in the Arc web browser. For example, it manages the memory as efficiently as Microsoft Edge  web browser for sure.

Keeping with its promise of working more like an operating system, it offers some of the tools such as scarebook, virtual notepad etc. We can collect screenshots and text snippets easily in it. Arc browser also has a unique feature called Boosts. These boosts are more like extensions in Google Chrome. Using the Boosts, the users can change the appearance of any website.

Arc Browser

Since Arc web browser is designed using the Chromium code base, it can be assumed that extensions from Google Chrome’s web store are going to work in Arc browser too.

As of now Arc web browser is available only for the macOS. But a Windows versions is also undergoing the development. On the website of Arc, Windows users can join a waiting list to obtain the first release of the Arc web browser for the Windows operating system.

You can download Arc Browser from