Deletor : Secure File Eraser and Shredder for Windows

Deletor is an advanced file erasing utility that comes with the shredding tools as well. Using this tool we can delete all the files inside a folder that match a certain criteria. We can choose to delete those files using ordinary methods or through the secure erasing methods employed by some of the top secret agencies in the world.

Deletor presents us with one window user interface that has all the features for deleting and filtering the files. We begin  by adding a folder contents of which need to be deleted. We can choose to recurse this folder to many sub-folder levels.

In the processing options, we can choose to shred the files using a selected method such as DoD, a random pattern or filling with zeroes (null characters). If we choose to fill the contents of a file with zeroes, the security experts analyzing your hard drive will know that data has been overwritten. If this is an issue for you, then you can choose random pattern overwriting method.


In the Deletor window, we can filter the files or folders based on many factors. We can filter them by name, partial name, wildcard name match, by file date/time, by file size, by tags, by file attributes, file properties and more.

The files can be deleted using ordinary method through the use of the Delete button. Even in this case, the processing options will apply and if you have selected to shred the files, the shredding tools will shred your files. If you want to intentionally shred the files using a method set in the options for Deletor, then you can click on the Shred button directly.

Deletor is an advanced file deleting tool with an added advantage of file shredding tools. It supports many standard shredding algorithms such as DoD 5220.22-M.

You can download Deletor from