Convert WebP to Other Formats with Vovsoft WebP Converter

For a very long time JPEG images have been the most popular images for websites. JPEG images have enjoyed so much popularity because they offer a lot of data compression without losing much in terms of quality. This was desirable quality in the 1990’s as the internet connections were slower.

Now we do not have such limitations, therefore new image formats that offer very high quality of pictures are being developed. For example, Google has developed a new image file format WebP. It offers a greater degree of quality, both lossy and lossless compressions, animations, and transparency. This single image format can be used to replace JPEG (compression), GIF (animation) and PNG (transparency) image file formats.

This is why now more and more WebP image file formats are being seen on the websites. If you also have come across an image in the WebP format, then you can convert it into other more common image file formats with the help of Vovsoft WebP Converter.

Vovsoft WebP Converter

This freeware tool can be used to convert the WebP image format to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, ICO, and WMP image file formats. It can also convert these other image file formats to the WebP image file format.

In the Vovsoft WebP Converter window, we can start by adding the image files (with supported image file formats as mentioned above). We can add one or more images as it can convert the formats in the batch mode.

In the options, we can change the folder where the converted image files are saved and the target image file formats. After this, all we have to do we can click on the Process button.

Vovsoft WebP Converter works smoothly and does not require any additional software to be installed. Internally it uses the acclaimed ImageMagick library for the image format conversion.

You can download Vovsoft WebP Converter from