Splitty : File Splitter and Joiner for Windows

Splitty is a file splitter and joiner application for Windows. It can break a very large file into smaller chunks which are easy to transfer over a networked connection. It can also reverse the breaking of the large file and merge the smaller chunks back into the original file.

Splitty is available in an installer package and must be installed on the PC for use. There is no portable version available. However, they offer a portable version of SplittyLite which can be used only for merging the files.

In the user interface of Splitty, we can select a large file and then choose how many number of files it should be split into. We can also choose the size of the smaller chunks. After choosing a destination folder, we can click on the Split button and it will create the smaller parts of the big file.


There is also an option to create self extracting packages. If you choose this option then it will create a number of smaller files which do not require any external application to merge them together. Without this option, the person who receives the smaller chunks will have to use SplittyLite to merge them together.

For merging files with the help of Splitty, we have to switch to the Merge tab. Here we have to select either the FSM file or the EXE package. We can then verify the files by clicking on the Verify button. This verification shows whether all the files are needed are available in order to recreate the original source file. Clicking on the Merge button merged these smaller chunks together to form the large file.


Splitty is a very useful tool to reliably split large files into smaller chunks. These smaller files are much easier and faster to be transferred over any network.

You can download Splitty from https://basta.com/splitty.