Duplicate Sweeper : Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files can of two types – the files that are exact copies of each other and the files that are very much similar to each other. The first group of files are 100% identical and it is better to keep only one copy of these files on our PC. Keeping the same exact file in multiple copies is going to just waste our hard disk drive’s valuable storage space.

The second group of duplicate files are not 100% identical but very much similar. These files consists of mostly media files such as images and audio files. If two image files differ only in the size or orientation but not the actual picture, then they can be said to be similar to a very high degree.

With the help of Duplicate Sweeper, we can find and remove both kinds of duplicate files. It is a Windows software that can help you scan your Windows PC for duplicate videos, audio files, images, documents and other kind of files. It can also automatically remove these duplicates.

Duplicate Sweeper

In the user interface for Duplicate Sweeper we have to begin by selecting a folder or drive. We can choose which type of duplicate files we are going to scan for (all, pictures, documents, music, contacts, desktop etc). And then we can click on the Start Duplicate Search button to initiate the scanning process.

In the results, it shows duplicate file groups categorized by their file types (such as music or documents). We can select any of these duplicate groups, make a selection of which files are to be removed and then proceed with recycling the selected duplicates. The deleted files are sent to the Recycle Bin.

Duplicate Sweeper can scan not only your hard disk drives, but also cloud storage locations on Google Drive, iCloud Drive and OneDrive for duplicate files.

You can download Duplicate Sweeper from https://www.wideanglesoftware.com/duplicatesweeper/.