How to Auto-Uninstall Microsoft Office from Windows PC

Microsoft Office is the most popular office software suite available for the Windows platform. It has stayed the industry leader for many decades now. Even though many individuals and organizations have started using the open-source alternatives like OpenOffice or Libre Office, Microsoft Office is still preferred by the majority of the professionals.

But many times we come across some problems when running Microsoft Office. These problems can be fixed by first removing (uninstalling) Office and then re-installing it all over again. In the case, the regular uninstalling from the Control Panel or Windows Settings is not working, Microsoft offers a special tool to remove it. This tool is called SaRA (Software and Recovery Assistant). It can help not only with the removal but also with many other things related to Microsoft Office. It supports Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, or Office 2007.

Here is how we can use SaRA to completely remove Microsoft Office from our Windows computers:

  1. Download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) tool from Install this tool on your PC which takes some time. After the installation, you can launch SaRA from its desktop shortcut.
  2. In the SaRA window, select Office and Office Apps and then click Next.Auto-Remove Microsoft Office from Windows PC
  3. When asked what kind of problems are you having, select I have Office installed, but I am having trouble uninstalling it. Then click Next.Auto-Remove Microsoft Office from Windows PC
  4. When asked, confirm the removal of the version of the Office installed on your PC. The rest of the work is done by SaRA automatically. It will ask you to reboot when it has removed all the files and settings.

Once you have completely uninstalled Microsoft Office, you can either reinstall it using the installation DVD, or get Office 365 from There are also many alternatives available for those who like some free and lightweight office suites.