SoftTuner : Program for Tuning Musical Instruments

When you get a musical instrument such as a guitar or a violin, it must be tuned by an expert before you can use it properly. When we tune a musical instrument, we adjust it so that it produces the sound of the desired pitch. For example, a guitar has six strings and we have to adjust the tension in each of these strings to make it produce sound of a particular pitch (each note has a different frequency).

In the past, the process always required experienced musicians to use their experience and tune the instruments just by listening to the sound being produced. But now we have special electronic gadgets and software tuners to show if the instrument is producing the proper sound. These are much more accurate.

SoftTuner is such a musical instrument tuner which can show you if the pitch is too high (sharp) or too low (flat). After installing, we can use any good microphone and this software to tune our musical instruments.


When we play a note on a our instrument, the app shows a needle that goes back and forth just like in the analog instruments. If it goes negative then the sound is sharp, if it goes positive then the sound is flat. You can keep adjusting the musical instrument and playing it again, until the software displays the correct pitch along with the measured frequency. For example, if you are tuning a standard 6 string guitar then the notes should be in the order E, A, D, G, B, E.

The software uses the global standard frequency 440 Hz for the reference pitch. But in the settings, we can adjust it and increase or decrease it. This should be done only by very advanced users. If you are using an instrument which could generate harmonics, then we can enable harmonics aware option too.


SoftTuner is a really useful program for the musicians who want to have a lightweight program in order to tune their instruments. It can be used by both the beginners and the advanced users.

You can download SoftTuner from