Sazanami : Full-Featured Audio Editor for Windows

Recording of audio files is considered much easier than editing them. For recording an audio, all you need is a a good microphone and a smartphone with a recording app installed.  You can also use an action camera to record the video and extract the audio stream from it using FFmpeg.

But when it comes to editing the audio file, you have to be very careful as not all audio editors offer very good effects and saving in many formats. If you are trying to find an audio editor that is free, fast and lightweight, then you can give Sazanami a try.

Sazanami is a full-featured audio editor for Windows that supports many audio file formats including the good old fashioned uncompressed WAV formats. But if you try to open any popular audio file format such as MP3 or WMA, it will open and load it instantly as well. It supports many popular file formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, etc.


The program offers a wide range of filters and effects, including a built-in compressor, limiter, volume normalizer, low-pass or high-pass filter, fade, reverb, pitch or tempo changer and the doppler effect. It also has tools for removal of hiss or clicks.

You can also record audio directly using Sazanami through a microphone input. You can also rip and audio CD using this software. In addition, you can write the edited audio to a blank CD and create your own mixed audio CD.

It has a special function called Mixdown using which we can create a new audio by mixing many existing audio tracks. For each of these tracks we can change the start time and the gain. This function is great for adding beats to any musical track or mixing many instruments together.

You can download Sazanami from