How to Add Custom URL in Firefox Help Menu

Mozilla Firefox web browser is a web browser of first choice for millions of users world wide. The main reason people prefer Firefox over other is because of its strict security related record and the many different ways it can be customized. For example, we can add a support URL in its help menu.

When we have added this support URL, it appears in the help menu which can be accessed  in two different ways. One way to access it is by clicking on the hamburger icon (near the top-right corner of Firefox window) and then selecting Help from the Firefox menu. The second method is a bit old fashioned – in this method, we have to press the Alt key to make the menubar appear and from this menubar, we can select Help.

Add Custom URL to Firefox Menu

Here is how we can easily add a custom URL in the help menu of Firefox:

  1. Right-click on the Firefox shortcut on Windows desktop and select Open file location from the right-click menu that appears. This will open the Firefox installation folder which is usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.
  2. In this folder create a sub-folder named distribution.
  3. Inside the distribution folder, create a file policies.json and use Windows Notepad or Notepad++ to change its contents as follows:
      "policies": {
    		"Title": "",
    		"URL": "",
    		"AccessKey": "T"

    Of course, you can change the title, URL and access key to anything of your choice.Add Custom URL to Firefox Menu

  4. Save the file. Now if you launch Firefox and check its help menu, you will find the link to your custom URL there. When you choose this new item, you will be taken to this URL.

The purpose of this feature is for the large organizations to add their custom support website link in the Firefox browser itself. This makes it very easy to contact the IT help desk of a company or organization.

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