WingetUI : Common Interface for Many Package Managers

There was a time when package managers or software installers used to be exclusively for macOS and Linux platforms. But then things changed and many package managers appeared for Windows too. Today some of the most popular package managers for Windows are Chocolatey and Scoop. Then there is Microsoft’s own command line based package manager winget.

The open-source tool WingetUI provides a common user interface for Microsoft’s winget in addition to Scoop and Chocolatey. Furthermore, package managers for Python (PIP) and NPM are also supported.

WingetUI offers a very simplified and neatly designed user interface for all of these package managers. With this one tool we can manage and update our application packages.

During the installation of WingetUI, we can choose to create a portable instance or we can install it on our Windows PC. After we launch WingetUI, it updates its database and then we can search through all the package managers.

WingetUI Package Manager

The program has a simple structure and works via three tabs – discover packages, software updates and installed packages. The first tab “discover packages” helps us search for available packages. We can search, download and install software from this tab

WingetUI lists all software updates for your system in the  “software updates” tab. We can find and manage already installed packages in the third tab “installed packages”. We can also uninstall any packages from this tab.

WingetUI is ideal for installing software in bulk on your Windows PC. For example, you can select many programs to be installed and then click on “Install selected packages”. This is enough to make it install all of those packages without any user intervention.

Another usefulness of WingetUI is the ease of use. Instead of downloading software from several sites and then sitting down to install all the packages manually one by one, we can make use of WingetUI. It can also help us save our time which we can spend in watching Netflix.

You can download WingetUI from