LightPDF : AI Powered Free Online PDF Editor

Why do we have to install big and bulky PDF editor software on our Windows PC when all the cool PDF editors are available on the Cloud. Take LightPDF for example, it offers all the PDF editing features and much more. The coolest part is that it is always available through its website and  we do not have to download or install anything.

LightPDF is a PDF editor that works from inside your web browser. You can upload your PDF files and then choose a task related to PDF files and it will do that task in a few seconds.

Among the many tasks offered by LightPDF some are :

  • Conversion to PDF file format: Using these tools, we can easily convert any kind of file, document or image into the PDF file format. These include conversion from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, AutoCAD drawings and image files (JPG/PNG) to PDF formar.
  • Conversion PDF to other formats: We can use LightPDF to convert from PDF file format to other formats as well. We can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text file, PNG or JPEG images etc.LightPDF
  • Editing PDF files: For editing PDF files, it provides several tools. Using these tools, we can edit the contents of a PDF file, watermark PDF, split or merge PDF files, rotate PDF pages, or annotate PDF pages.
  • Optimizing PDF files: It offers tools such as compressing the PDF or creating text through OCR. It also offer AI based summary creator for PDF files.
  • Securing PDF files: We can password protect, unlock or digitally sign our PDF files with relative ease. For password protection, it uses some very strong ciphers including AES.

Apart from these individual tools, we can launch the PDF Editor app itself which contains all the abovementioned features integrated into a single user interface.

You can start editing your PDF files with ease and great security by visiting LightPDF at