Pixel Réa : Find Dead Pixels on LCD/LED Screens

Pixel Réa is a software that can help us find and fix dead pixels on our LCD screen or LED monitors. But before we use this software, we should know what are these dead pixels.

What are dead pixels?

An LCD screen is made up of a matrix of thousands of diodes. These diodes change the color to display picture on your LCD screen. For controlling the brightness, either a separate backlight is used or another arrangement of LED diodes is used.

When you have been using an LCD screen for a long time, some of these diodes might stop working. These faulty diodes can be of many types – stuck on one color, stuck on full brightness or stop working at all and appear black. In all these cases, we call the pixels presented by such diodes as dead pixels.

Find dead pixels with Pixel Réa

Pixel Réa presents us with a window that has two options – detected of dead pixels and detection of burned areas. We can click on the Run button under the first section to find any dead pixels. It will show red, green and blue colors on the fullscreen mode. If you find any pixels of a different color, then you know they are dead pixels. You can change these colors by clicking on the screen. You can exit this test by pressing the Escape key.

Pixel Rèa

Fix dead pixels using Pixel Réa

Even though it is very hard to fix the pixels once they have become dead. In the most cases, the screen needs replacement. But if the pixels are stuck on only one color, then we can attempt to repair them. During the repair process, the screen colors are changed rapidly and there is a chance that the dead pixels or stuck pixels start working all over again.


Pixel Réa is a good tool to check your old screen monitors if they have developed any dead pixels or stuck pixels. However, it can also be used to test any new computer or TV screen that you have bought recently. If you locate any dead pixels on your new computer screen, then you can exchange the screen under warranty.

You can download Pixel Réa from https://www.emjysoft.com/logiciel-reparer-pixel-mort/.