Calmly Writer : Distraction Free Word Processor for Authors

Different writers have their own unique setup for sitting down and writing. Some even go on vacations to finish their novels. But one thing is common for all the writers, they do not want any distractions when they are focused on writing. Any small distractions even on the computer screen can result in the writers losing their focus on the book they are working hard to complete.

This is why writers do not use regular word processors but specially designed distraction free word processors like Calmly Writer. It is a free tool lets the user write, edit, and format text without any screen distractions. This word processor can be switched to the full-screen mode and does not fill the screen with any brightly colors toolbars or sidebars as you would find on Microsoft Word.

Calmly Writer also offers some formatting options but no flashy or advanced options. We still have access to formatting features such as bold, italics, changing alignment and color. As soon as we select a word or a text snippet, the editor will bring up a small pop-up window with basic formatting options. The settings allow you to change the font size for the entire document, but not for individual words.

Calmly Writer

The editor for Calmly Writer follows the markdown formatting. For example, you can use 1. to start a numbered list and * to start a bullet list. Similarly, * and ** can be used to make the words italicized  and bold respectively. You can also insert the images by copy-pasting them or linking an external online image through its URL.

Calmly Writer is available in two formats – as an online web app which can be used from its website and as a desktop app which can be installed on your computer. It is available for Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

You can download Calmly Writer from