WishPlayer : Searches and Plays Music Online in Seconds

WishPlayer is a Genie in the bottle that can fulfill all your music related wishes. It can find and play music for you in a matter of seconds. It works only when your PC is online because it has to search the internet for music. Theoretically, it also searches your local computer for the music files, but when it cannot find the requested music on the local hard drives, it attempts to find that music from the internet. As soon as it find the music whether on local drives or online, it immediately starts playing the song.

WishPlayer is a free audio player which we can use to search and play the audio by the keywords of the song title. We have to just enter the title of the song or portion of the title and this is all the information WishPlayer requires. It is intelligent enough to understand which song you are asking for. After entering the song title, you can simply click on the “Play” button. It will find that song and start playing it. The way it works is nothing short of a magic trick.


The real power of WishPlayer lies in the fact that it supports global hotkeys. This means that you can quickly start playing any song by copy-pasting its title in WishPlayer. For example, if your friends sends you a message about a song that she was listening to, you can quickly copy-paste the song title in WishPlayer and you have the song playing on your Windows PC too.


By right-clicking on its notification area icon, we can change the color styles that it uses and choose from red, blue or pink color styles. It is up to the user what kind of color style they are going to prefer.

In the settings for the WishPlayer, we can make it automatically start with Windows, make it auto-stick to the edges of the screen, keep it always on the top of all the windows, and make it automatically update to the newest versions.


The audio player also has the capabilities of an offline player and supports the playback of a large number of audio file formats including MP3 audio files. The user-friendly playlist of the audio player will easily save your musical desires for easier access to your favorite audio tracks.

You can download WishPlayer from https://tayasoftware.com/.