VueScan : Powerful Scanner Software for Windows

When we buy a scanner or a multi-function printer, it usually comes with software designed by the manufacturer. But this software might not have all the features that you would be hoping for. It could be difficult to use or there could be some other personal reason to avoid it. In all these cases, you can switch over to VueScan. It is a powerful scanner software for Windows that works with both the flatbed scanners and the camera film scanners.

While the camera film scanners are not that common anymore as everyone has been using new digital cameras these days, the flatbed scanners are everywhere. VueScan works with both of these type of scanner without needing any special device drivers. According to the developer, they have reverse engineered 7000+ scanners and have including in-built drivers with VueScan so that it works with all of them.

VueScan can be used to scan both the documents and photos alike. Based on the scanning, it can automatically determine whether the paper being scanned is a photo or a document. For the documents, it can save them as PDF files. And when you are scanning photographs, it can save them as JPEG or TIFF image files. It can automatically rotate the scans to make them perfectly align the horizontal or vertical edges.


VueScan can remove the dust from the negatives of camera film when scanning them. It can save the scans as JPEG, TIFF or RAW image files. It can send the scans directly to the Adobe Photoshop if it is installed on your PC. When you are scanning documents spanning multiple pages, it can save all the scans into a single PDF file by concatenating all the scans in the correct order.

VueScan is a great companion for all types of scanners. It works without installing any special drivers and supports all the popular scanner manufacturing companies.

You can download VueScan from