QuickBoost : Open-Source Windows Tweaking Utility

QuickBoost is an open-source software that can be used to tweak the settings of a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. This software reminds of the good old Norton Utilities, TuneUp Utilities or McAfee Nuts and Bolts software. These software are used to fine tune the Windows operating system and make it run at the optimal performance expected from your hardware.

QuickBoost has many sections in which many different tweaks have been categorized. There are sections like General, Advanced, Clean-Up, Downloads, and Windows. In the General section, we can find tweaks for disabling or removing unnecessary services or startup programs. We can also remove pre-installed apps, disable time resolution service, disable startup telemetry and more.

Under the Advanced section, we have access to some tweaks for boosting the memory and graphics card. In the Clean-Up section, we have all the tools for removing the junk files. We can clean temporary files, we can clean the log files, we can run the in-built Windows clean manager, etc. We can also run all of these tools in a single click.


QuickBoost can also download some of the most frequently used and useful programs for you. This feature is available under the Downloads section. Among the available programs are Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Opera-GX browser, brave browser, VLC Media Player, 7-Zip, Discord, Steam and Epic Games launcher.

In the Windows section, we can change the settings for the Windows File Explorer, toggle the classic context-menu for Windows 11, change some options for the Windows 11 Taskbar and more. We can disable or enable Windows notifications, clipboard history, and transparency effects.

QuickBoost is a very useful software for everyone. It can be used to get rid of bloatware, remove unwanted apps, streamline Windows 10/11 settings, and boost the system performance. It can also help you get the best FPS from the graphics processor.

You can download QuickBoost from https://github.com/SanGraphic/QuickBoost.