Hetman Office Recovery : Recover Lost Office Documents

So you have been working diligently on a report and saving it everyday in Microsoft Word. But on an ominous day, when you finally wanted to print it so that you can show the report in your next meeting, the Word document is nowhere to be found. You search your whole hard disk drive but it has simply disappeared.

Before you lose your mind, there is a life saving software called Hetman Office Recovery that can definitely save the day for you. It comes with special algorithms that can scan through your local storage drives and find all sorts of documents for you. It can work with all types of drives such as hard disk drives, solid state drives and more.

Hetman Office Recovery can recover the deleted documents easily. It can scan the hard drives and find the missing or lost partitions. It can scan the file systems of all common types and choose a suitable method to recover the deleted Office documents. Even if the hard drives are formatted and corrupted, Hetman Office Recovery can scan them for missing Office documents.

Hetman Office Recovery

Hetman Office Recovery is very intelligent software and can quickly find the Office documents that were in the draft stage and were not saved yet. When working with Microsoft Office or Libre Office, the documents are saved after a few minutes. These saved drafts can be easily recovered by Hetman Office Recovery. Its recovery wizard makes it very easy for anyone to find and recover their lost Office documents.

Hetman Office Recovery supports the recovery of many different types of documents including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, DOT, ODT, ODS, PDF, PDB, RTF, WRI, WPD and more. It supports all kinds of storage devices such as HDD, SSD, memory cards, USB pendrives, internal drives, external drives and virtual drives.

You can download Hetman Office Recovery from https://hetmanrecovery.com/.