Unicodia : Windows Desktop Tool to Find Unicode Characters

Unicodia – the characters encyclopedia, is a Windows desktop tool that shows all the characters and their Unicode values. It also shows a group of similar characters put together by their types or looks in different blocks. For example, you can find all the ‘Emojis’ lumped together in a group. Similarly, all the mathematical characters are grouped inside a category named ‘Numbers’.

As well all know that Windows operating system comes with a tool called “Character Map” which also displays the unicode characters. But it has not been updated for a long time and has stayed almost the same since the days of Windows XP. Unicodia can be said to be a really advanced version of the Windows Character Map.

Unlike Character Map, Unicodia can find the Unicode characters as well as tell you which of the fonts can be used to display that character properly. This can help the confusion when we use the Unicode characters and it does not display at all or is displayed wrong.


We can search for any character using their codes or using their friendly names. The selected characters are shown in a sample preview (image) and using a commonly installed font. In addition, it also displays a brief information about that character. We can also copy the character to the clipboard by clicking on the “Copy” button.

A wealth of information can be discovered for all the characters using Unicodia. It shows which version of the Unicode supports a displayed character, which of the blocks it is a part of, whether it supports bidirectional writing, its UTF-8 and UTF-16 values and so on.


Unicodia also shows many different blocks for special characters. There are eight different blocks that can be explored by the users – emoji, numbers, Latin by letter, Latin by nation, Latin by font, business characters, science and technology, and strange CJK ideographs.

You can download Unicodia from https://mercury13.github.io/unicodia/.