Lain : Portable, Minimal and Stylish Password Manager

Password Managers have become a necessity these days because we all have more than a dozen passwords that we use for various online services. And even if you somehow memorize all the passwords, the days of using the same password for many years are gone. Now we have to change the passwords every 4-5 months in order to stay secure. By regularly changing the passwords you eliminate the possibility of a massive data breach that keeps happening every now and then.

When it comes to picking a password manager, different people have different opinions. Some people prefer a password manager that basically installs itself in all the web browsers and places an icon in the notification area itself. Others prefer a small portable password manager such as Lain that does the job only when you need it.

Lain is a small, portable, minimal, stylish and secure password manager that is only 1 MB in download size. We can keep it on a USB pendrive or even on the memory card of a smartphone and use it whenever needed. There is no need to install anything on any Windows PC.

Lain Password Manager

When we launch it for the very first time, it greets us with a password set prompt. We have to set a Lain password which will be used to lock and unlock the whole Lain password manager. This is the what is usually called the master password or the primary password. If you forget it, you will not be able to access your saved credentials.

The Lain password manager user interface is very easy to use and intuitively designed. We can add new credentials, edit an existing set of credentials,  delete the ones that you no longer want to keep in Lain, etc. One exciting feature of Lain is “Analyze”. It can analyze your saved credentials and tell you if you are using the same identical passwords in more than one of the saved accounts.

Lain Password Manager

The lock option can lock the Lain password manager instantly so that nobody can access it. The next time you want to use Lain, you will have to enter the main Lain password again. When you want to shut down Lain, you have to first click on “Lock” and then click on the “Exit” button on the lock-screen.

In the options for Lain password manager, you can choose from various color themes such as Amethyst, Amber, Ruby, Jade, Azurite, Silver, etc. We can also make the font size small, medium or large. We also have options to make it automatically start with Windows, automatically lock after 2 minutes of inactivity and hide the passwords from being shown.

Lain Password Manager

Lain password manager saves all the settings and saved accounts in a sub-folder named “Data”. We can copy and backup this folder to backup all of our Lain password manager entries along with the master password.

You can download Lain from